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Monastery Icon Visiting America

April 17, 2015



Also, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Westfield, NJ.  Friday May 8th from 7pm-8pm.

17/5 May Saint Markella Sunday9:00am
30 /5 May Saint Katherine Astoria in the morning
30/5 Saint Eireni Astoria 7:00 pm
31/5 Holy Cross Brooklyn 8:15-11:30am
1/6 New Jersey Toms river 7:00pm
4/6 Saint Nicholas Baltimore 5:00 vespers and Holy Unction
5-6-7/6 Divine Liturgy in the morning

A Brief History of Ypseni Monastery

The Holy Monastery of the Virgin Ypseni lies on a mountain near the village of Lardos in Rhodes. Its history dates back a few centuries.
The founder of the Monastery is the Blessed St Meletios who was born in the village of Lardos, Rhodes, at the end of the 18th Century.
From his youth he loved the virtues of sobriety, self-control and humility, and in this way attracted Divine Grace to himself. In one of his night time prater he saw the “Gladsome Light” coming from heaven and remaining fixed at the roots of a centuries old olive tree. There, he found the all venerable icon of the Virgin of Ypseni.
In prayer he received a message from Her, thar in the place where the Holy Icon was found he was to build a Church in her name. So he moved into the ruins of the monastery of the Monastery of Ypseni (or of the Heights as the name means in Greek) devoting himself to the angelic monastic way of life.
He was ordained as priest and abbot of the monastery by the the Metropolitan of Rhodes. Through his prayer and his ascetic struggles he gained so much boldness before God that he was able to drive out evil spirits that ruled people’s souls. Out of love for his fellow an he turned toward his enslaved fellow Christians and offered missionary work of national importance. He went around the villaes hearing confession, he encouraged them in their faith, and guided them. He was a guardian and vigilant shepherd of Christ’s flock, zealous for the traditions of the fathers and a fiery preacher of truth. This work made the Turks resentful and slanderous. Their slanderous accusation was told to the Metropolitan of Rhodes at the time, who was obliged to call him to defend himself. The Blessed St. Meletios, unable to bear this wound to his soul, breathed his last, right in front of the bishop. When his holy relics were removed, an indescribable fragrance sprang forth bearing witness to the grace he had received. The grace bearing holy crown of St. Meletios is kept at the Holy Monastery of Ypseni.
About 200 years after the blessed falling asleep of the saint, the fulness of time came, and His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew I and his Holy Synod, placed St. Meletios officially in the calendar of saints on the 27th November 2013.

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