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St. Nikolai Velimirovic

March 18, 2011

Our original post on the Saint’s life

including this documentary video

Hymns to St. Nicholas

Vespers Stichera
Fourth plagal mode

Who can praise thee worthily, O glorious Hierarch Nikolai? What words can tell of thy wonders, O new Chrysostom? For thou wast a new Apostle and Evangelist, an Enlightener and Teacher like unto the wondrous St. Sava; a martyr and confessor in thy suffering of torture and imprisonment, a fountain pouring forth the sweet water of salvation for many, a beacon of the love of Christ illumining for all the path to heaven. O beloved father of orphans and healer of suffering souls, intercede for us who honor thy radiant memory.

Rejoice, O shepherd of rational sheep, O holy Hierarch Nikolai, for with the staff of thy loving instructions thou didst guide thy flock to the verdant pastures of spiritual renewal and with thy words of life didst inflame the souls and hearts of the faithful. Through thy spiritual children thou didst fill the monasteries and churches to overflowing with lovers of God who, having guarded well the lamp (kandilo) of faith and love lit by thee, brought the light of Christ to darkened and unenlightened souls and guided them to the heavenly kingdom where they rejoice with thee eternally.

We glorify thee, O holy Hierarch Nikolai, our fearless fighter for Eternity, for thou standest at the deserted watchtower of our souls kneeling in prayer and weeping for all mankind, offering up entreaty night and day, desiring that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth. With thy boundless love thou callest all to come and find consolation and healing for their souls. Grant us thy courage, O beloved father, to pass through the valley of death of the old and sinful man in us, that we may attain the resurrection of our souls and the likeness of our God, and be united with Him forever in the bridal chamber on high.

Glory… Fourth plagal mode

Glory to Thee, O Christ our God, Who art wondrous in Thy saints, and especially in the three universal holy hierarchs named Nicholas–the holy Nicholas of Myra in Lycia, the holy Nicholas of Japan, and the holy and newly-revealed Nicholas of Okhrid and Zhicha–who glorified Thee by their honorable way of life, by preaching the Gospel and suffering for the Truth. Celebrating today their holy memory, and bowing down before their holy relics and full of thankfulness, we entreat Thee Who alone lovest mankind: Through the prayers of Thy holy hierarchs, and especially of Nicholas the New of Okhrid and Zhicha, save all Orthodox people!


Fourth plagal mode
Golden-tounged victor of the resurrected Christ, instructor in repentance, Bishop of all people, holy father Nikolai, with all the saints of heavenly Serbia pray to the one Lover of Mankind to grant us peace and unity among our people.

Another … Fourth plagal mode (longer version of the former)
O golden-tongued preacher proclaiming the risen Christ, Everlasting guide of the cross-bearing Serbian people, Resounding harp of the Holy Spirit, and dear to monastics who rejoice in thee, Pride and boast of the priesthood, teacher of repentance, master for all nations, Guide of those in the army of Christ as they pray to God, Holy Nicholas, teacher in America and pride of the Serbian people, With all the saints, implore the only Lover of mankind to grant us peace and joy in His heavenly kingdom!

Another Fourth Mode
Thy righteous acts have revealed thee to thy flock
As a model of frith, a reflection of humility
And a teacher of abstinence, O Father Bishop Nikolai;
Therefore, through humility thou hast obtained exaltation and through poverty, riches;
Pray to Christ God to save our souls.

Another… Fourth Plagal Mode
Loving thy homeland thou didst sojourn as a patriot to secure aid for God’s suffering children,
And as a new Chrysostom thou didst preach to those in darkness
The rediscovery of the Foundational Rock, Christ the Lord,
In the Eternal Homeland of God’s Kingdom.
Thy pastoral love for all, O Confessor Nikolai, was purified in captivity by the godless,
Demonstrating thy commitment to the truth and thy people;
Therefore, O venerable Bishop, thou hast attained the crown of eternal life.

Kontakion (Third Mode)
Born at Lelich in Serbia,
Thou didst serve as archpastor at the church of Saint Nahum in Ochrid.
Taking thy place on the throne of Saint Sabbas at Zhicha,
Thou didst teach God’s people and enlighten them with the Gospel.
Thou broughtest people to repentance and the love of Christ,
And for Christ thou didst endure suffering at Dachau.
Therefore we glorify thee, a new Nicholas well–pleasing to God.

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