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From the Life of St. Theodosios the Cenobiarch

January 11, 2011

St Theodosios was so deeply wounded by the sweet arrow of love, and was held so fast in love’s fetters, that he fulfilled in actual practice the exalted commandment, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind’ (Matt. 22:37). Such a state can be attained only by so concentrating the soul’s natural powers that they aspire to nothing other than the Creator alone. So great were these spiritual energies in his soul that when exhorting someone he often inspired awe; yet when giving rebukes he was always gentle and tender. Who else could talk with so many people and be of such service to them, or could so concentrate their senses and turn them inwards that in the midst of tumult they lived with greater serenity than did those in the desert? Who else could remain just the same whether among crowds or dwelling alone? It was by thus concentrating the senses and turning them inwards that the great Theodosios came to be wounded by love for the Creator.

St. Nikiphoros the Monk: On Watchfulness and Guarding of the Heart in the The Philokalia of the Neptic Saints gathered from our Holy God-bearing Father (Vol IV)
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