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St. Gregory of Nyssa

January 9, 2011

January 10th is the Feast-Day of St. Gregory of Nyssa

Troparion(Tone 3)
Thou hast shown forth thy watchfulness, and wast a fervent Preacher of godliness: by the wisdom of the teachings thou dost gladden the Church’s faithful, Righteous Father Gregory, entreat Christ our God to grant us his great mercy.

St. Gregory is the brother of St. Basil the Great and St. Macrina. He served as a priest while married to his wife, Theosebia. The Prologue says that he was consecrated Bishop of Nyssa after being widowed. Some accounts say that they each voluntarily became monastics. Some accounts know of a definite close relationship between the two of them and assume that she was his sister. Gregory was a gifted scholar and translator of the Scriptures. He was a chief opponent to the Arian heresy. The Arians had Emperor Valens depose Gregory in 376, so he spent several years in exile. In 381, he took part in the 2nd Ecumenical Council. Many credit him with formulating the final part of the Creed concerning the Holy Spirit. He reposed in 395.

This Icon is by the hand of Nicholas Papas. It is from St. George's Antiochian Orthodox Church in Oakland, PA.


An ugly duckling? Saint Gregory of Nyssa

An anthology of the works of St. Gregory of Nyssa (in English and Greek)

St. Gregory of Nyssa – Home Page

Brief Life of St. Gregory of Nyssa (OCA)

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