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St. Demetrios the Myrrhgusher

October 26, 2010

Verily, the inhabited world found thee a great succor in tribulations and a vanquisher of nations, O fight-bearing one. Wherefore, as thou didst demolish the arrogance of Lahosh, and on the battle-field didst hearten Nestor, beseech, O Saint, Christ God to grant us the Great Mercy.

-Troparion, Tone 3

Verily, God, O Demetrios, who granted thee invincible power hath touched the Church with the live coal of thy blood streams, preserving the city unbreached; for it is established by thee.

-Kontakion, Mode 2

The Life of Saint Demetrios

Saint Demetrios was a Thessalonian, a most pious son of pious and noble parents, and a teacher of the Faith of Christ. When Maximian first came to Thessalonica in 290, he raised the Saint to the rank of Duke of Thessaly. But when it was discovered that the Saint was a Christian, he was arrested and kept bound in a bath-house. While the games were under way in the city, Maximian was a spectator there. A certain friend of his, a barbarian who was a notable wrestler, Lyaeus by name, waxing haughty because of the height and strength of his body, boasted in the stadium and challenged the citizens to a contest with him. All that fought with him were defeated. Seeing this, a certain youth named Nestor, aquaintance of Demetrios’, came to the Saint in the bath-house and asked his blessing to fight Lyaeus single-handed. Receiving this blessing and sealing himself with the sign of the precious Cross, he presented himself in the stadium, and said, “O God of Demetrios, help me!” and straightway he engaged Lyaeus in combat and smote him with a mortal blow to the heart, leaving the former boaster lifeless upon the earth. Maximian was sorely grieved over this, and when he learned who was the cause of this defeat, he commanded straightway and Demetrios was pierced with lances while he was yet in the bath-house, As for Nestor, Maximian commanded that he be slain with his own sword.

Christ God, O wise Martyr Demetri0s, did offer thy blameless soul unto abodes more sublime than earth; for thou didst become a contender for the Trinity, taking to the battlefield with fortitude adamantine as a diamond; and when thy pure side was pierced, O most venerable one, resembling him who was stretched on the Tree for the salvation of the whole world, thou didst receive the gift of miracle-working, granting mankind healing with bounty. Wherefore, as we celebrate today thy conveyance as is meet, we glorify the Lord who glorified thee.

-by Germanus

Thy divine and blameless soul, O Demetrios of ever-constant memory, hath heavenly Jerusalem for its abode, whose walls were ordained by the hands of the invisible God. But thine all-honoured body, having struggled exceedingly, hath on earth this renowned temple, a treasure-house of miracles that cannot be robbed, a healing for afflictions to which the afflicted flock and receive healing. Wherefore, O all-extolled one, preserve the city which doth magnify thee from the attacks of adversaries; for thou art favoured by Christ who did glorify thee.

-Glory in Plagal of the Fourth by Anatolius

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