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We get hooked by trifling things…

December 7, 2009
They are like landmines set down by the enemy, to destroy the army. When the ‘tangalaki’ (as Elder Paisios called the devil and demons) sees that he cannot do any other kind of harm to the fighter, he then renders him useless with trivial things.

Then, you should also know that there are little tangalakis (demons) that do great damage all the same.

A small little’tangalaki’ was once asked “So then, what can you do, you’re so little?” “What can I do?  I go and tangle up the dressmakers threads, and those of the shoemaker,” he replied, “and I make them angry.”
The greatest scandals come from insignificant things, not only to us as individuals, but sometimes to whole nations. For spiritual people, however, there are no serious causes for scandal.
The devil finds an excuse for trouble in the small things. He breaks man’s soul with some silly, childish things.  So in the end he can do what he wants with someone’s heart and the person becomes nothing but a chump.
Elder Paisios – Discourses 2 – Spiritual Wakefulness, 1999 & 2000 [Only in Greek]

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