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The Jesus of my Solitude

November 29, 2009

I can not see Him as I see you .
I however feel His presence all around me.
I feel Him praying inside me .
I hear His movement in the silences.

In this solitude prayer there is in the end no need for long words.
It is enough to be with Him and He in us .
I simply bring with me all those I have been asked to pray for .
He has asked we stay, keep watch and pray .

This prayer becomes the hiding place.
When we are alone with Him all becomes well in a passing world.
All is well because we begin to enter in to our eternity with God where all is well.
If God is for us who or what could be against us ?

This Jesus of solitude becomes our shelter and refuge .
In Him all makes perfect sence .
He is the One who gives meaning and purpose to all things .
Only He is the way , the truth and the life .

When we close the door and enter in to our solitude we are alone
with Him who knows and understands us better than anyone else .
The seeking and searching we have done all through our lives stops .
We come to the knowledge that we have already been found and loved  .
He came seeking us long before we ever thought of Him .

Father Lazarus

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