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Some truths…

November 24, 2009

Ignorance of good is darkness of the soul. And if person is not united with Christ, Who is light, he cannot escape the ruler of darkness, the devil.

If a humble person falls a million times they get get up again and this is seen as a victory over the fall. Whereas a proud person, immediately after falling into sin, also falls into depondency, and being hardened does not went to get up again. Despondency is a mortal sin and the devil rejoices in this overall. It is completely obliterated by confesssion of thoughts.

A person can only really stand up straight when the grace of God arrives. Otherwise, without grace they’ll always trip over and fall.

Temptations are medicines and healing plants, that treat to treat our visible passionsand invisible wounds. It is better to have one day as a winner with prizes, than many years living carelessly. Don’t expect to be freed of the passions without a struggle and shedding of blood.

Sin, whether great or small, is wiped out by true repentance.

Even though a man is forgiven his sins, the fantasy of his error and the working of it remains. Although forgive the sin, this is the rule, in proportion to the greatness of the fault.

I will either live one hour as you would like, O my Christ, or it’s better not to live at all. This is the way you cry and grive and so the Lord’s mercy comes. The passions are calmed and you are at peace with yourself, with God and with the whole of creation. Everything that causes pleasure is healed with pain.

Elder Joseph the Hesychast

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