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Who are you?

November 22, 2009

Who are you?
Why are you talking to me?
Why now?
Here we just say good morning to the neighbours
and beyond that no one speaks.
No-one looks at another’s pain

No-one cares or ruins their day for someone who’s hurting.
You look sweet… .. now I remember!
It’s a few days ago now..
“Oh my sweet springtime my sweetest son.”
It is possible! No! No! Why are you talking to me?

Why now? Who are you anyway?
Suddenly a torrent arises within me
What crying is that!
I’m riven with tears..

Perhaps it’s your words, the image formed in my mind of you.
I do not know.

I just know that the deluge took everything away
Stirred everything up
brought old recollections and memories old and more.

These hurt me, bringing tears again and again
And me, a Child of God too! Doing something wrong!
My life is not good

And then You turn up and I wonder why you are talking to me and why now?
Oh mother, tell me who this is, you might know him.
Come father and talk to me tell me who He is.

An angel perhaps, is a lie!
I’m tired, fed up of this earth so false
So much love, so much light, so much hope,
I have never seen this in my home.
Oh Christ, I’ve opened to You!

You are here! How and why I do not know!

I thank you truly for all your gifts!

(F r. Andreas Themistocleous translated from the original Greek)

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