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Our guests from Fiji

September 29, 2009

Over the summer it was with great joy that we were visited by first Orthodox Christians on Fiji, Fr. Bartholomew and his Presbytera, Lydia, and saw his ordination to the diaconate on the island of Rhodes.

The ordination of Father Bartholomew to the priesthood in Thessaloniki was also a great blessing for us. On a Sunday morning, all the various friends and supporters of mission in Northern Greece gathered in the Metropolitan Church of St. Gregory of Palamas, so that they could feel the very heartbeat of Orthodox Mission, through living Orthodox Missionaries.

It was quite moving, as you can see from the photos below.

The Divine Liturgy and the Ordination was celebrated by His Eminence, Amphilochios, Metropolitan Amphilochios. He was joined by the Metropolitan of Rodostolou and the Holy Mountain, Chrysostomos, and the Archimandrites Fr. Theologos, Fr. Nikephoros (missionary in Congo), and Fr. Anastasios (from Kenya), Fr. Panaretos fron the Holy Mountain and the fathers of the metropolitan church.

Fr. Bartholomew, Mr. Prantzou and His Eminence gave speeches which informed us about the progress of Orthodoxy at the other end of the earth, in the Fiji Islands and Pacific, and encouraged everyone greatly because the Gospel is being spread to the people there.
Glory to God for All Things!

More Photos can be seen here

Ordination of Father Bartholomew to deacon on Rhodes


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